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CAS Convenes Symposium to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Issuance of the Shanghai Communiqu¨¦ 2022-02-22
Biannual Wrap-up Session Convened by the Center for American Studies (CAS) at Fudan University 2022-01-18
The 3rd China-U.S. University Think Tank Dialogue Successfully Convened 2021-12-09
Professor Wu Xinbo Hosts Roundtable on ¡°How to Reshape China-U.S. Relations¡± at Shanghai Forum 2021 2021-11-01
CAS Scores Paramount Laureate Honors in 2021 Chinese Think Tank Exemplary Cases Launched by CASSES 2021-10-12
Dean WU and the Entourage Present Attendance at The 9th World Peace Forum Convened in Beijing 2021-08-18
In Celebration of The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of The Communist Party of China (CPC) 2021-07-01
Fudan American Review Scores Brilliance and Consecutively Rated as CSSCI£¨2021-2022£©Biannual Comprehensive Academic Research Journal 2021-06-08
The Center for American Studies at Fudan University and The Carter Center Co-host the Webinar Themed with¡°The Trans-Pacific Perspective of Anti-Asian Discrimination in the U.S. and Its Implications¡± 2021-05-31
Academic Seminar Series Heralding the 116th Anniversary of Fudan University in 2021 Convened at the Center for American Studies 2021-05-26
Professor Wu Xinbo Elected as Chairperson of Shanghai Association of American Studies (SAAS) 2021-05-16
CAS Thematic Series Lecture Featuring Professor Yang Guangbin Convened at Fudan University 2021-04-23
The Future of China- U.S. Relationship¨CA Student-to-Student Dialogue Successfully Convened 2021-04-09
Professor WU Xinbo Presents Attendance at China Development Forum 2021 2021-03-22
CAS Plenary Conventions over the Preliminary Span in the New Semester Convened at Fudan University 2021-03-12
The Forum on ¡°Time for a reset? U.S.-China relations during the Biden administration¡± Successfully Convened 2021-01-12

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