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The sound growth of China-U.S. relations meets the fundamental interests of the two peoples: perspectives on the fruitful consensuses reached during economic and trade consultations between China and the United States (Interview) 2018-05-22
Fairness and equivalency are indispensable for Sino-U.S. trade in services 2018-05-11
China and the United States seek to maximize the convergence of interests in economic,trade consultations (Interview) 2018-05-04
U.S. policy toward China has ushered in a new phase 2018-04-24
China, India must build new unity to reform old global order 2018-04-23
Ití»s easier for President Donald J. Trump to withdraw U.S.  from  the  Trans-Pacific  Partnership  ( TPP )   trade deal than to rejoin the pact 2018-04-18
Profundity| What underlies U.S. President Donald J. Trump's plan to rejoin the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)  trade deal and will it be realized? 2018-04-13
U.S. will adjust, learn to share power: Professor Wu Xinbo 2018-04-11
Has the U.S. strategic engagement policy towards China failed? 2018-04-10
Experts: China will not take the hit of the American Jitters (Interview) 2018-04-09
Will the Trump Administration in the U.S.  profit from the move as to considering restrictions on visas to Chinese students? 2018-04-04
Professor Wu Xinbo gave an interview on China-U.S. Trade Ties 2018-03-29
The unilateral political and economic moves by the Trump Administration need to be addressed in a prudent manner 2018-03-25
Is the Trump Administration considering restrictions on visas to Chinese students as a "counter-measure"? 2018-03-20
Interpretation|The Trump Administration announces to levy heavy tariffs on steel, aluminium imports and conversations should be engaged to avoid sparking the trade war(Interview) 2018-03-09
The multinational corporations shall avoid being double-sided 2018-03-07

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