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Arms Control and American National Security Strategy

Shen Dingli

    Program Director: Prof. Shen Dingli

    Tel: (86-21) 6564 2594    Email: dlshen@fudan.ac.cn

    The interests of the program cover the overall American national security strategy, the impact of the American-European partnership on the internatinal security;  the historical retrospect of the American deterrence theories,  its new theroretical and practical changes under the new international situation, the influence the changes have on the Sino-U.S. relations;  the development, evolution, present situation, problems and prospects of the international institution for the prevention of mass destructive weapons diffusion, particularly the role of the arms control and diffusion prevention in the American national security strategy  as  the chemical and the nuclear weapons are concerned, and finally the prospects of international security patterns and the possibility of Sino-U.S. strategic cooperation.

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