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Chinese edition

Sino-American Relations and the Uncertainty of World Order in 2030

Song Guoyou


Song Guoyou,"Sino-American Relations and the Uncertainty of World Order in 2030," Frontiers, No.15,2017

Abstract:2030 is coming soon, and China and the US are the two most critical state actors of the world in 2030. The balance shift and interaction between China and the US have a crucial impact on the world order. The form of Sino-US bilateral relations is in itself an important part of the world in 2030. In terms of Sino-US relations, the strength of the two countries is almost equal to each other, the economic depth is interdependent, the political system coexists, and the security situation is generally controllable. At the Asia-Pacific regional level, the Sino-US "polarization" trend has basically been formed. China and the US are different in terms of regional public goods supply. The Asia-Pacific region focuses on stability. From the perspective of the world order, the world order in 2030 is in a relatively stable stage, the pattern of "two super powers and multi-great powers" is basically formed, but as to how to form a new world order, the prospects include Sino-US competition, Sino-US integration and their laissez-faire policy.

Keywords:China, the U.S., World order, Power transfer

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