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Five Eyes¡¯ China Policy Coordination and Its Limitation

CAI Cuihong

Contemporary International Relations

CAI Cuihong & WANG Tianchan, ¡°Five Eyes¡¯ China Policy Coordination and Its Limitation¡±,

Contemporary International Relations, Vol.31, No.4, July/August 2021, pp.65-79.

¡¾Abstract¡¿The Five Eyes is the most rigorous intelligence alliance in the world. In recent years, Five Eyes¡¯China policy coordination has become increasingly frequent and the scope of policy coordination has been expanding. It not only puts pressure on China in ICT supply chain, ideology and regional security, but also strengthens China policy coordination through intelligence activities, diplomatic means and mechanism expansion. It is moving toward a political and security alliance with the core goal of strategic competition with China. The common understanding of the Five Eyes toward China on technology, ideology and international rules contributes to this trend. In particular, the US perception of China has become increasingly extreme after Donald Trump came to power, while the Biden administration even pays more attention to using the alliance system and ideology to compete with China.

¡¾Keywords¡¿Five Eyes, Alliance, US Strategy, Biden Administration, US-China relations

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