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Chinese edition

Terrorism in the Context of Terrifying Language

Zhang Jiadong, Shen Dingli

World Economics and Politics, No.12, 2003


In this article , terrorism refers to ideology and practices that employ violence , threats , and other destructive means to achieve one¡¯s political or other objectives ,including altruistic objectives ,through illegal and irrational means that are counter to human society. The theory and practice of terrorism have exerted a great negative impact on international security and presented uncertainties for the world community. To meet these challenges ,the United States is highlighting the illegal and evil image of terrorismon the stage of international politics so as to legitimize its¡°anti2-terrorist¡±war. However , such a simplified approach against international terrorism tends to mask the differences between the various¡°terrorist organizations. ¡±It may also confuse the concepts of terrorism and national liberation movements with some principles of international law.


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