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Chinese edition

A Review of the U.S.'s Strategy towards Asia

Shen Dingli

Asia and Afica Review, No.3, 2007


The U.S.'s strategy towards Asia is an important part of its global strategy.This article is focused on the U.S.'s relations with Asia, with special attention paid to three major issues, namely "counter-terrorism","prevention of nuclear proliferation" and "the rise of big powers", as well as the impacts and chocks on Asia resulted from the change of the U.S.'s strategy. The main interest of the U.S.in the new century is closely connected with Asia. Although the U.S. was dramatically adjusting its Asian strategy over the past few years, no signficant results have turnd out so far. Confronted with challenges at multiple levels, the U.S. has to rely on tentative or stopgap measures, achieving temporary goals in some aspears at the expenses of its long-term goals in others.


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