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Ni Shixiong


Professor, Ph. D. Adviser, Fudan University
Research Interests: Sino-U.S. Relations and the Taiwan Issue; U.S. Foreign Policy; Western International Relations Theory
  Ni Shixiong, professor of international relations. He was former Dean of the School of International Relations and Public Affairs and former director of the Center for American Studies at Fudan University, Shanghai, China. He did postdoctoral research at Harvard University (1980-1981); made many lecture visits to the USA as visiting professor at different universities, such as Columbia University, Georgetown University, the George Washington University, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, the University of Pittsburgh, the Georgia-Tech, the National Defense University, Washington and Lee University, University of Washington and the Colorado College. In the past 20 years, he also made frequent academic trips to some other countries (the UK, Canada, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden) and regions (Hong Kong and Taiwan).

Professor Ni¡¯s publications include Selected Readings on American School of Thought in International Relations; Conflict and Cooperation: An Introduction to Western Strategies; Reflection of the Century¡¯s Winds: Contemporary International Relations; International Human Rights; War and Morality ---- the Rise of Nuclear Ethics; From Normalization to Renormalization: 20 Years of Sino-US Relations; and Contemporary Western Theories in International Relations. He translated some distinguished works from English into Chinese: Man, the State and War (Kenneth Waltz) and Contemporary Theories in International Relations (Stanley Hoffman). In addition, he has published over 100 papers and articles on international relations.

Professor Ni is Vice President of Shanghai Association of International Relations, Vice President of Shanghai Association of International Strategic Studies and Vice President of Shanghai Association of American Studies.


  China's Geopolitics and Strategy Studies
  American Congressional Diplomacy and the Taiwan Issue

Books£¨Monograph and Translation £©

  China's Geo-Politics and its Strategic Studies
  A Theory Study of American Politics
  Studies on International Relations Theory
  In the Eyes of a Chinese Scholar, the China-U.S. Relations is Totally a Precious Friendship During the 30 Years After the Establishment of Diplomacy Relations
  Theoretical Research of China's International Relations
  American Studies and Me
  A Comparative Study of the National Interests of China and America
  From Normalization to Renormalization: 20 Years of Sino-US Relations


  The 36th Anniversary of Sino-US Relaions: A Discuss on New Model of Sino-US Major-Country Relationship
  The New Central Leadership Group and the China-U.S. Relation
  Jiang Zemin and China-U.S. Relations
  A Harmonious World and the China-American Relations
  Deng Xiaoping and China-American Relations
  Mao Zedong and China-U.S. Relations
  A Relationship of Maturity vs. Cmplesity-Marking the 30th Anniversary of China.-U.S. Diplomatic Relations
  An Analysis of America's Intervention to Hong Kong Affairs¡ª¡ªReason of State, Inter-institutional politics, Social Power and Object's Feature
  The New Characteristics of Sino2US Relations : A Geo-analysis
  New Geopolitics and the Harmonious World
  The New Interaction of U.S.-China Relations
  The American Congressional and Presidential War Power under the 'Bipolar Diplomacy' Structure of Foregn Affairs
  The New Geo-Politics in the 21th Century and Sino-U.S.Relations
  American Protectionism: A Public-Congress-Administration Analysis Framework¡ªA Case Study of the Sino-U.S. Trade,
  The Politics Foundation of America's Trade Protectionism
  The Inevitability and Chanciness of American Trade Protectionism
  An Introduction to the Western Theories of International System---From Behaviorism to Constructivism
  An Incident that Changing the World: Feature, Implication and Influnce of China's Peaceful Development
  Analytic Comparison of International System: Pattern , Transformation and Dynamics
  Make a YanChong Phase Period to a Long Distance Away
  Peaceful Rise, Sino-U.S. Interaction and The Pacification Between the Mainland and Taiwan
  The Influence of Liberalism on the Foreign Policy of U.S.A.
  Identity and Foreign Policy Making: A Constructive Perspective on U.S.-Taiwan Relations
  Liberalism and the Tendency of America Foreign Policy
  Historical Studies of Sovereignty and Its Future Reformation
  American Studies or Study of America: Analyzing Asymmetry in American Studies of Different Countries,
  Some Views on the Current International Situation
  The Sino-U.S.Relations after Iraq War
  Studying the Important Thought of "Three Represents" and Making a Scientific Assessment of the International Situation
  The Democratization of International Relations Revised
  Sovereignty, Security, Stability and Status: The Strategic Period in the Vision of International Relations
  An Analysis of Bush Administration's New Strategy to China and China's New Strategy to America,
  Tracing the Course of American Culture: from Following European Traditions to Seeking International ization,
  A Preliminary Study on the Democratization of International Relations
  Comparing International Studies and China Shool of International Relations Theory,
  Culture and Politics: A Studies of the Human Rights in the Sino-U.S. Relations
  Sino-US Relations and World Structure
  An Analysis of Bush Administration's Economic Policy toward China
  Necessary Choice: TRIPS and Developing Countries
  Prevent China from becoming America's Opponent by 2015--Summary of the Symposium "The George W. Bush administration Policy Dialogue"
  Exploring the New Western Globalization Theories
  Balance of Power and International Order: The Flections after the Post-Cold War Era
  The New Challenges and Opportunities of Sino-U.S. Relations
  GATT/WTO's Issues Resolution Regime and Developing Countries
  Hegemonic Balance of Power: Post-Cold War U.S. Strategic Choice
  Reconsideration of Sino-U.S. Relations
  New Developments of Western International Relations Theory
  Post-Cold War Western International Relations Theory
  Civilization and Order
  National Interests and International Integration
  On the Studies of Chinese International Relations Theory
  Democratic Peace and U.S. Post-Cold War Foreign Strategy
  Remove Obstacles and Develop Sino-U.S. Relations
  The Challenges that Neo-realism Faces in the Post-Cold War World
  Deng Xiaoping and Sino-U.S. Relations
  World War II and Western International Relations Theory
  What I Know About the "Clash of Civilizations"
  Present Status and Prospect of China-U.S. Relations after the Cold War
  Initial Exploration of Post-Cold War Sino-U.S. Relations
  Introduction to Western IR Theories in the 80s (6 Articles)
  New Developments of U.S. IR Theories Studies
  A Study on U.S. Foreign Policy Decision-Making Models
  Comments on New-Realism
  The U.S. Constitution and U.S. Diplomacy
  Nuclear Ethics
  Introduction to Main Schools of Western IR Theories
  Introduction to Western IR Theories(VIII)
  Introduction to Western IR Theories(VII)
  Introduction to Western IR Theories(VI)
  Introduction to Western IR Theories(V)
  Introduction to Western IR Theories(IV)
  Introduction to Western IR Theories(III)
  Introduction to Western IR Theories(II)
  Evolution of U.S. Post-War Global Foreign Strategy
  Introduction to Western IR Theories

Policy Papers

  The Bush Administration's Asian-Pacific Strategy and China's Counter Measures
  Evaluation of the China Issue Committee of the American Congress and China's Foreign Policy


  Three Maintainings' for Sino-U.S. Relations , 08-06-16
  Reflections on the War on Iraq , 03-04-11
  President Jiang Zemin and the United Nations , 02-10-28
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