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Wang Yiwei


Ph.D., Professor of Renmin University of China
Research Interests: International Relations Theory; American Foreign Strategy and Sin-US Relations; Public Diplomacy: Comparative Studies on American and Chinese Practice; Chinese Foreign Strategy; Population and International Relations
      Dr. Yiwei Wang is associate professor of Center for American Studies and assistant dean of Institute of International Studies at Fudan University, member of ISA, BISA, ECPR , APISA, SASD etc., used to be member of Young leaders Program of Pacific Forum, adjunct deputy director of Department of American Studies of Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS, 2004) and Fox Fellow of Yale Center for International and Area Studies, 2000-2001, Korea Foundation-Yonsei distinguished visiting professor at Graduate School of International Studies of Yonsei University (2005). He got his Ph.D. in 2001 from Department of International Politics, Fudan University and B.A. in 1995 from Department of Environmental Science and Technology, East China University of Science and Technology. He has published more than eighty academic articles in The Annals of American Academy of Political and Social Science, Japanese Journal of Political Science, International Studies, Asia Perspective etc. and six books including Beyond Balance of Power: Global Governance and Co-operations among Great Powers, Shanghai Lexicology Press, 2008; Beyond International Relations: A Chinese Cultural Understanding of International Relations Theories, World Affairs Press, 2007; The Mythed America, China Social Sciences Press, 2007; The World Is Oval: Outlook of Future World Order, Tongji University Press, 2007; Does the World Revolve around the US? Beijing University Press, 2005; Comparative Studies on China-U.S. National Interests (ed.), Shishi Press, 2004; Soul of War - Analyzing the War of Tomorrow by History, East China Technical University Publishing House, 2003; The International Relations in the Age of Globalization, co-author, Fudan Univ. Press, 2000; Chinese Public Diplomacy and Rise of China¡¯s Soft Power(forthcoming) etc. He also published more than 300 commentaries in News Week, Harvard International Review, Asia Times, Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore), China Daily, Global Times etc. and was interviewed by The New York Times, VOA, CCTV, Phoenix TV, CRI etc. for more than 300 times. His research interests include International Relations Theory, Population and International Relations, Public Diplomacy, American Foreign Strategy and Sino-U.S. Relations, China¡¯s Foreign Policy etc. He can be contacted at yiweiwang@fudan.edu.cn.

Books£¨Monograph and Translation £©

  Beyond Balance of Power: Global Govence and Cooperation amnong Great Powers
  The Mythed America
  Beyond International Relations:A Chinese Cultural Understanding of IR Theories
  The World Is Oval: Outlook of Future World Order
  Does the World Revolve around the U.S.?
  International Relations in the Age of Globalization
  Our Enemies and US : America's Rivalries and the Making of Political Science
  A Comparative Study of the National Interests of China and America
  War & Peace: Rethinking about the 20th Century
  The Tragedy of the Great Power Politics
  Bush at the War


  From Complement to Convergence: How Will U.S.-China Relations Cope with a Setback in Globalization?
  Human Nature in the International Relations Theory
  Immigration's Implications: the Changing American Hegemony
  Public Diplomacy and the Soft Rising of China
  Public Diplomacy and the Rise of Chinese Soft Power
  Ten Myths about China's Rise: Will Globalization Brings China and U.S. Apart or Aligned?
  Between Copying and Constructing: China is Seeking Its IR Theory
  Immigration's Implications: the Changing American Hegemony
  Anti-Ameiricanism and America's World Order
  Anti-Ameiricanism and America's World Order
  Looking on the Raising of China and India Through the Paradigm of Global Great Harmony,
  China's Role in North Korean Nuclear Issue
  Why is Pax Americanna Impossible: Comparing Chinese Ancient World Order with today's American World Order, in the Global Encounters
  Three Dimensions of Harmonious World
  Theorization of International Relations Theory
  The International Politics Meanings of the Co-rise of China and India
  Between Science and Art: Questionable International Relations Theories
  Between Science and Art: Questionable International Relations Theories
  On National Identity of International Relations Theories: A Chinese Perspective
  Why Anti-Americanism Becomes a Global Phenomenon?
  Rethinking the South China Sea Issues: A Perspective of Sino-U.S. Relations
  Seeking China's New Identity: The Myth of Chinese Nationalism
  Rethinking the South China Sea Issue: A Perspective of Sino-U.S. Relations
  China and North Korean Nuclear Issue
  North Korean Nuclear Issue and Chinese Peaceful Rise: Opportunity or Challenge?
  China's Role in Dealing with the North Korean Nuclear Issue
  Between Ideal and Reality: Inderstanding South Korean Diplomacy
  The Explorations of Public Diplomacy in abroad
  The Prospect of America's China Policy in Bush's Second Term
  Realism and America Foreign Policy: A Perspective of Offensive Realism
  China's Viewpoint on International Civilization and its Internationalization of Political Civilization
  Between Enterprise, Compromise: Opportunities, Challenges for China's Diplomacy after the Iraq War
  Why There is No China's IRT?
  The Democratization of International Relations Revised
  The Tragedy of Great Power Politics and the Tragedy of International Relations Theory
  The Re-rise of Japan and China's Grand Strategy
  The National Identity of International Relations Theories
  Between the Compromise and Enterprise: Observing the Opportunities and Chanllenges of China Diplomacy from Iraq War,
  Public Diplomacy and Its Impact on the Theorie s of International Relations: A Framework of Analysis
  The Tragedy of Great Power Politics'in Theories of International Relations¡ª¡ªA Discussion with Dr. Su Changhe
  Triangulating Peace and the Three-dimensional World of International Relations
  The China-Threat Theme of America Offensive Realism
  Weapon of Criticism can't Replace the Criticism of Weapons
  A Study of America Public Diplomacy and Its Shortages
  Hypothesis of Vital Power Involved in Causes of War
  Sovereignty, Security, Stability and Status: The Strategic Period in the Vision of International Relations
  The Rise in Studies of Public Diplomacy in the United States and Reflections on American Foreign Policy
  From "Offensive" to "Defensive": The Role Change of American Public Diplomacy
  From Destining Leading to Cooperating: A Book Review
  Between Science and Art: Questioning International Relations Theory
  Tracing the Course of American Culture: from Following European Traditions to Seeking International ization,
  A Preliminary Study on the Democratization of International Relations
  Comparing International Studies and China Shool of International Relations Theory,
  U.S. Research on: New Pivot Point of American Studies
  The Tragedy of Great Power Politics and the Tragedy of International Relations Theories
  U.S.Research on: New Pivot Point of American Studies
  The Influence of US Congress on American National Security Policy
  Fmale Issue: The History,Presence and Future
  Balance of Power and International Order: The Flections after the Post-Cold War Era
  From Hegemonic Stability Theory to Unipolar Stability Theory: The Back of Realism after the Cold War,
  A Dialogue on Legality of War and Reconsitution of War View
  Entironment Issues' Infulence to International Relations
  The Diplomacy Strategy to Resolve Taiwan Issue,(co-athor)
  The Transformation of National Security and Research Dilemma
  Hegemonic Balance of Power: Post-Cold War U.S. Strategic Choice
  ASEAN's Economic Security Concept and it's Challenges
  ASEAN Security Policy and its Implementation
  Security and Development: a New Theme after the Cold War
  ASEAN's Economic Security Concept and it's Challenges
  The South China Sea Issue of American Asia Pacific Security Strategy
  Women's Issue in the Age of Globalization
  Influence of the Green Party on the Western Political System
  South Asian Women's Political Participation Mode
  Women in Politics: Past, Present and Future
  Women in Power: a Special Phenomenon in South Asian Politics


  To Think about the Future of Strategic Economic Dialogue between China And America , 08-08-14
  Modesty is important than power to communicate with Korean , 08-03-08
  The World's China and China's World , 08-02-14
  China's Four State Identities , 08-01-29
  China is Becoming the Defender of Globalization , 08-01-29
  Realize the Trinity of Humanity, Nationality and Universality , 08-01-29
  The Renaissance of China will not Share America's Hegemony , 08-01-17
  Envisaging the Neighbor's Worries about China , 08-01-09
  Roadmap for Bali Indicates New Pulses in Environmental Diplomacy , 07-12-21
  Which Would Be Choked by the Problems of Population , 07-12-13
  China's Development In The Face Of Global Uncertainties , 07-11-14
  How Can China Develope to Confront Uncertainty of the World , 07-11-13
  Smart Power is Cleverness On Trival Issues with Silliness On Big Problems , 07-11-12
  Modernization And the Aging Tendency , 07-11-10
  Special China or Special West? , 07-11-05
  Which is exceptional - China or the West? , 07-10-23
  Do Not Be Blackmailed by 'International Responsibility' , 07-10-17
  China: Origin Stop of the American Diplomacy , 07-10-12
  Challenge to Foreign Policies from Middle-income , 07-10-12
  Who Is Laozi? , 07-10-09
  Why Is Nejad Enduring Humiliation? , 07-09-29
  Development of China And India Revises the Western View of History , 07-09-28
  Regression of the Six-Party Talks , 07-09-27
  India's Strategic Anxieties About China , 07-09-25
  Blackwater Event Proves Essence of the Iraq War , 07-09-23
  Only If Believe in the World, Can We Believe in Ourselves , 07-09-20
  Climatic Problems Reshapes the International Order , 07-09-15
  Korea's Future Leadership in the Eyes of a Chinese Scholar , 07-09-12
  Bush's New Deal Toward Iraq, Changing Space for Time , 07-09-09
  Russia Scrambles in the Arctic for A New World Order , 07-09-08
  China Should Never Get Lost In Development , 07-09-07
  Better to Survey China's Soft Power Beyond the Western Perspective , 07-09-03
  India Is Really Half-pace Slower , 07-08-24
  Where Japan Blundered? , 07-08-19
  Another Lifestyle Is Possible , 07-08-14
  China Should Clarify Its Expectation of the World , 07-08-10
  Only the Strategic Identity between China and the U.S. Would Benefit the World , 07-08-08
  Paulson's Strategic Circuity , 07-08-02
  Way Beyond the Six-party Talk , 07-07-20
  China's Diplomacy Gestates 'Big Gestures' , 07-07-14
  Three Kinds of Prospects for Nuclear Problems in North Korea , 07-06-27
  Conception of Harmony: Originates in China, Belongs to China , 07-06-26
  The World's Expectation of China--Also for Bargain of the Transitional Relations between China and G8 , 07-06-16
  To Contend for Europe, Or to Split Europe: A Missile Show by the U.S. and Russia , 07-06-12
  A New International Order: How Can China Participate? , 07-06-12
  Climate Summit': A Cooperation Without Details , 07-06-11
  Sino-U.S. Relation Steps into A Mechanism-Era , 07-06-07
  A Game by America And Russia to Split Europe , 07-06-07
  Road to Baghdad By the Way of Teheran? , 07-06-03
  Strategic Economic Dialogue Conveys Sino-U.S. Relation , 07-05-28
  To See South Korea's Ethos of Insularity from the Greenlignt for Traffic between the North And South , 07-05-12
  How to Surmount Violence: Harmony Is More Worshipful than Liberty , 07-05-12
  Globalization Makes the French NOT Romantic Any More , 07-05-11
  Japan's Dreaming of Becoming A Big Power , 07-05-10
  Can Asian Countries Establish A Strategic Reciprocal Relationship with Each Other? , 07-04-24
  The Strategy of Integration: New Concept of America's Strategy toward China? , 07-04-23
  Reconciliation between China And Japan Requires Envisagement of the Other Side's 'Identity' , 07-04-18
  Limitatioin of the EU Mode , 07-04-16
  Japan's Itch to Be A Big Power , 07-04-07
  Globalization Results in Two Centers in the World , 07-04-06
  EU's Immediate Worries And Intending Cares , 07-03-28
  Turns And Variables In the Security of East-Asia , 07-03-24
  The Future Pains of EU , 07-03-07
  Do Not Be Blackmailed by the Stock Market in China , 07-03-06
  China's Rise: An Unlikely pillar of US Hegemony , 07-02-30
  What If the Egg of the World Hatch Ahead of Schedule , 07-02-28
  How Can Chinese Avoid MisReading the World? , 07-02-25
  The Chinese Factor on A World Stage , 07-02-17
  Chinese Misreading of South Korea , 07-02-07
  Campaign Among Big Powers in the 21st Century: Who Would Be at the Wheel? , 07-02-07
  Nuclear Problems in North Korea and in Iran: Sunny in the East while Rainy in the West , 07-01-25
  It Would Be the Real Threat if China Did Not Rise , 07-01-22
  Abe Makes A Figure in Diplomacy , 07-01-17
  Back to history: A Space-Time Game of Six-Party Talk , 07-01-13
  Do Not Be Blackmailed by Rising , 07-01-13
  The World Is Ours While We Are of the World--2007: Words of Wishes And Prospects , 07-01-10
  Better for China to Be Concerned about the Decline of Big Powers , 07-01-09
  The World Is Ellipsoidal: Prospects of the Future International Order , 07-01-03
  Ternary Meanings in the Strategic Economic Dialogue between China And America , 06-12-28
  To Confront Decline, America Works Along Three Lines , 06-12-25
  Mission of the Six-Party Talk , 06-12-13
  The End of Election , 06-11-24
  Why To Make Chinese Relique Korean Arouses Disputes? , 06-11-16
  The U.S. Launch Out to Establish A New International Order , 06-11-15
  The Paradox in American Midterm Election , 06-11-10
  Who Will Win the American Midterm Election? , 06-11-03
  Three Features to See in the American Midterm Election , 06-11-02
  Why China Feels Uneasy About the Rise of South Korea? , 06-10-31
  Why the Nobel Prize Goes to the Banker Who Supports the Poor? , 06-10-25
  Nuclear Test By North Korea Fits In Exactly with the Wishes of American and Japanese Right Wing , 06-10-12
  Come On, Ban Ki-moon! , 06-10-11
  Nuclear Test by North Korea, Quickens up China's Steps Into the International Society , 06-10-11
  Hedging Stragegy of the U.S. And the Two Options of International Order for China , 06-10-07
  The American New Concepts in Strategy toward China , 06-10-01
  Janus And Minerva: How Can China And South Korea Walk out of the Shadows of History? , 06-09-18
  No Longer View the World in the American Perspective , 06-09-15
  To Make An Inventory of the World's Anti-American Phenomena On the Five-Year Anniversary of 911 , 06-09-13
  911 Be A Black Humor By the America , 06-09-07
  No Trivial Matters In Foreign Affairs? , 06-08-10
  to Prevent the U.S. From Declining too Rapidly , 06-08-10
  How Much On Earth Can China Influence North Korea? , 06-08-09
  Missile Test-fire Explains the Essence of the Nuclear Problem of North Korea , 06-07-06
  The Real Message Revealed by the Missile Test-fire of North Korea , 06-07-03
  The 'Small' South Korea And the 'Great' South Korea , 06-06-16
  In South Korea with A Chinese Spirit--Section to Look Out Upon South Korea: South Korean Self-reliance Even to Madness , 06-06-08
  America to Lighten the Burden for Hegemony , 06-06-07
  In South Korea with A Chinese Spirit--Section to Look Out Upon South Korea: North Korea, Ache in the Hearts of South Korea Forever , 06-06-07
  In South Korea with A Chinese Spirit--Section to Look Out Upon South Korea: The Korean People Living In the Shadows of China , 06-06-06
  Five Hs in Sino-American Relations , 06-06-01
  What the Redefinition of the Sino-U.S. Relation Means to South Korea , 06-05-23
  Ternary Opportunities Gradually Promote Sino-America Relations to be Mature , 06-04-19
  Reform of the New American Immigration Law And the Third Time to Establish the United States of America , 06-04-13
  Why South Koreans Feel Uneasy About the Rise of China? , 06-04-11
  To Affiliate with South Korea, Modesty Weighs More than Strength , 06-03-06
  Can't the America Really Catch Hold of Bin Laden? , 06-02-08
  Will the Cosmetic Surgery in Diplomacy Actually Treat the Worries of America? , 06-01-21
  Is the 21st Century An Anti-American Era? , 06-01-18
  A Harmonious World View Remodels the Perspective of International Politics , 05-12-02
  Why South Korea Bows for Petty Favours? , 05-11-29
  Bush's 'China-View' Changes Tremendously in Five Years , 05-11-16
  To Fight A 'Protracted War' in the Six-Party Talks , 05-11-15
  The Costs of A China-Japan Political Impasse , 05-11-08
  The Cognitive Paradox of the America toward China , 05-10-27
  The America Sound out China By Means of Japan , 05-10-10
  Is the America Adjusting Its Strategy toward China? , 05-09-09
  Certain Strategic Stability Might Come into Being between China and the U.S. , 05-09-07
  Fault Still in the American Strategy toward China , 05-08-25
  The U.S. Becoming Less and Less Self-confident? , 05-08-11
  The Fourth Round of Six-Party Talks: Where the Deadlock Is Stuck? , 05-08-05
  A Perspective on Nuclear Problems of North Korea , 05-08-04
  China's Tactics toward the U.S.: Hold Still To Overwhelm the Actions , 05-07-27
  The Six-Party Talks: To Focus in Disorder , 05-07-26
  Hedging: the New China Strategy of America , 05-07-11
  Between Ideal And Reality: to Understand Diplomacy of the South Korea , 05-07-01
  To Look at the North Korea through the South Korea , 05-06-29
  Could There Be Any Favourable Turn in the Nuclear Problem of North Korea? , 05-04-22
  Need Not Fancy the South Korea Turning from the U.S. to China , 05-04-21
  The Diplomatic Line of Neo-conservatism is Softlanding , 05-04-01
  Be Alert to Escalation of U.S.-Japan Military Integration , 05-02-24
  From Peaceful Rising to Harmonious World , 05-02-23
  Bush's Visit to Europe Wants to 'Kill Three Birds with One Stone , 05-02-23
  Bush's Deplomatic Legacy , 05-02-10
  Bush's Hawkish Foreign Policy is Softlanding , 05-02-07
  Several Missions of Bush's State Message , 05-02-04
  The End of A Post-9.11 Era And the Tsunami? , 05-02-04
  To Replace Nationalism with Patriotism , 05-01-31
  Under the Name of 'Liberty': An Expansion Proclamation of Bush? , 05-01-25
  Soft-landing of Bush's Diplomatic Course , 05-01-25
  The UK Hitchhikes the Express of Arm-sale to China , 05-01-20
  The Big Tsunami And 9.11 , 05-01-14
  To undo the three knots in Sino-Japan relations , 05-01-10
  To Enter An Era of Diplomacy that Promotes Economy , 05-01-04
  Chinese diplomacy in the coming 10 years , 04-12-30
  For What Annette Lu Is Talking A lot of Nonsense? , 04-12-26
  China And the U.S. Should Start A Heart-to-Heart Talk , 04-12-23
  China's Defensive Realism , 04-12-22
  The Cold War Continues in Ukraine , 04-12-13
  American right eye: to interprete the talk of Congressman Hyde in Hong Kong , 04-12-09
  Economic diplomacy demonstrates China's attractiveness , 04-12-03
  The U.S. conservative trend is not necessarily China's luck , 04-12-02
  Sino-Japan relations just a step away from freezing , 04-11-29
  Will Rice creat new American foreign policy? , 04-11-18
  Why Powell decided to desert his position , 04-11-17
  Who will sit in the White House finally? , 04-11-08
  Will Nader effect work again in this presidential election? , 04-11-08
  The period of strategic opportunity testifies the China-Russia partnership , 04-11-08
  Can New York Times veer the American presidential election? , 04-11-08
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  The 3 functions of the U.S. presidential elections , 04-11-07
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  Can the New York Times Influence the American Presidential Election? , 04-10-21
  The Context and Background of the American Presidential Election , 04-10-17
  The Pathetic Delaration of Taiwan Independence Movement , 04-10-15
  From Diplomacy for Nation to Diplomacy for People , 04-10-15
  The Strategic Significance of Sino-Japanese Relations , 04-09-20
  Nader Rocking the Boat Brings a little Trouble but Helps a Lot , 04-09-16
  Why does Bush Win? , 04-09-05
  March Toward Manhattan:Why New York is Chosen to be the Site of Republican Convention , 04-08-31
  How to Realize the Strategic Mutual Trust Between China and the United States , 04-08-31
  Variables of Six-party Talks , 04-08-29
  Kerry's World , 04-08-04
  Does the 911 Syndrome Outbreak Again? , 04-07-25
  9.11' report, destructive force limited , 04-07-23
  9.11' report:destructive force limited , 04-07-23
  Turn Left or Right? , 04-07-21
  The Trial of Saddam's Purpose and Possibilities , 04-07-15
  Several Burdens of Rice's Visits , 04-07-11
  Six-party Talks:Not to Advance is to Go Back , 04-07-01
  Six-party Talks, Six Contraditions , 04-06-24
  Principles of Our Times , 04-06-23
  Six-party Talks:Not to Advance is to Go Back , 04-06-23
  Reconcilation of North and South Korea and the Will of Big Powers , 04-06-19
  The Jewel in the Crown of China's Diplomacy in Eurasia , 04-06-13
  Bush: Fight a Tough Diplomatic Battle , 04-06-04
  Ill-treatment Affair of The prisoner in the Iraq War:the Waterloo of American Public Dipolmacy , 04-05-28
  The Dimensions of China's Peaceful Rise , 04-05-18
  World of America and America of World , 04-05-16
  The Road Map of Sino-EU Relations , 04-05-13
  No Sovereignty, No Human Right , 04-05-13
  Bush's Embrassment and Embrassed Bush , 04-05-12
  Enhance the National Strength with Public Diplomacy , 04-05-07
  Political Uproar in the Times of Counterterrorism , 04-04-04
  American Human Rights Policy: Stick as Well as Carrot , 04-03-28
  The Korean Nuclear Issue: Into the Vital Stage , 04-03-15
  The Culture Triangle of China, France and the U.S. , 04-03-15
  Three Implications of the 'Peaceful Rise' , 04-03-15
  Tri-reading of the American Korean Policy , 04-03-15
  Turbulent 2003: Rising from '...isms' , 04-03-15
  American Presidential Election Begins to Play China Card , 04-03-02
  The Attitudes in the Second Six-party Talks on North Korea's Nuclear Problem , 04-02-27
  The Nuclear Problem of North Korea Enters the Stage of 'Peel Onions , 04-02-26
  Beyond History¡ª¡ªAn Analysis of Bird Flu and Globalization , 04-02-17
  The Shadow of Capitol Hill , 04-02-16
  It's too Early for a True Bout , 04-02-04
  2004: Where the Sword of the United States Points to , 04-01-30
  Unveil the post-Bush era , 04-01-22
  Fear? Or Wisdom? Why Gaddafi Crippled Himself? , 03-12-30
  Foreign Minister Is Also Minister of Interior: Personal Views on the On-line Communication Between Minister Li And Netizens , 03-12-30
  Whom Saddam Lives for? , 03-12-30
  National Will, National Image And National Interest: To Make An Inventory of Premier Wen's Visit to the America , 03-12-30
  Three Implications of the American Taiwan Policy , 03-12-14
  Shadows Over the Visit to Britain , 03-11-30
  Bush: Pines away for Iraq , 03-11-30
  The American Hegemony Breaking the Wings in Babylon , 03-11-30
  To Convert A Chinese Culture Year into A Chinese Year , 03-11-30
  The Formal Proclamation of China to Promote Regional Strategy£ºTo Comment On Premier Wen's Signing on the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia , 03-11-30
  Reading China's Large Purchase from the U.S. , 03-11-21
  Strategic Concerns in China's Subscription of TAC , 03-10-30
  The Six-Party Talks And the Future for the Nuclear Problem of North Korea , 03-10-30
  Why is the return of the U.S. to the UNESCO£¿ , 03-10-15
  September 11th : The Starting Point of Tragedy , 03-10-13
  US Blueprint of Global Hegemony , 03-10-13
  The Conflict of France and the U.S. is not the West-west Conflict , 03-10-13
  Three Meanings of China's Signing the TAC , 03-10-10
  9.11': Tragedy Opens Right Here , 03-09-30
  What We Use to Curse You, '9.11' , 03-09-30
  The Rise of Japan And the Future of Its Relations with China , 03-09-30
  Public Diplomacy: Shaping the International Image of China , 03-09-25
  The U.S.-Canada Relation Goes into A Power-Cut , 03-08-30
  Perplexities in the Big Power Cut between U.S. And Canada , 03-08-30
  To See the Urban Spirits from Minutiae , 03-08-30
  To Besiege Saddam: the Cat And Mouse Game? , 03-08-30
  The 'Rise' of Japan , 03-08-30
  To See How Bush Closes the Door of Intelligence , 03-07-30
  Intelligence, Open the Door! , 03-07-30
  Challenges for Our Days: Order And Countermeasure , 03-07-30
  American Map of Its Global Hegemonic Cause , 03-07-30
  Iraq: The Second Somalia for American Army , 03-07-30
  Actual Fall of the Asymmetrical Era , 03-07-30
  Police, Broker, Lover: Roles of the America in the Middle East , 03-06-30
  SARS Refreshed the Face of China , 03-06-30
  The Evian Summit: Ambihand in China's Diplomacy , 03-06-30
  To Define the International Identity of China , 03-06-30
  The First Visit of A New Chief , 03-06-28
  Diplomatic mission of the new leaders , 03-05-29
  American Firearms Might Not Eliminate the Horrible Nightmare , 03-05-28
  Mythologized America , 03-05-12
  The United States: An Unruly Chariot , 03-04-28
  Overtake of Events to Challenge the Administrative Institution , 03-04-28
  The America Bankrupt in Model-Image, the World Devoid of Balance , 03-04-28
  Warning from the Specialists: Iraq War Would Catalyze the Development of Nuclear Weapon by Small States , 03-04-28
  Asymmetric Targets and Reasons , 03-04-28
  Pondering over the War on Iraq , 03-04-24
  The Second Gulf War And the World Structure , 03-02-28
  The World to Cirle Round the America , 03-02-28
  Justify the anti-American mood of Chinese people , 03-01-29
  To Criticize Rather than to Oppose the America , 03-01-28
  Desire, Ration And Passion: Reverie of the France , 03-01-28
  Tricks to Publicize the Photoes of Saddam's Arrestment , 03-01-12
  To See the Problem of Taiwan through the Midterm Election , 02-11-28
  Do You Want A Flak Jacket, Goddess of Liberty? , 02-11-28
  To Feel the America by A Chinese Nose , 02-06-28
  Russia Turns to the West, International Organization Decays , 02-06-28
  Why Carter Can Pay A Visit to Cuba? , 02-06-28
  Yale: Reverie by a Fudannese , 02-02-28
  The Ten-year Anniversary of the End of Cold War , 01-12-28
  To See the Yale People Engage in Scholarship , 01-12-28
  What would the U.S. want to do on the South China Sea issue? , 99-11-07
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